Skatespots is a open skatespot database. Everyone can add his favortie spot to the map.

How to add a skatespot ?
  1. Zoom in to your skatespot. At the homepage.
  2. Click and type the name of the spot.
What means the different colors ?
That stands for how a spot is rated. 1 star is worst and 5 stars is the best.
No votes 1 stair 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars best spot with 5 stars

Why can i see all the spots ?
Becouse the map become to slow. For that reason we show the 50 best rated spots. Zoom in more and you can see more spots of that area

How to remove a skatespots
Go to the more info page of the spot. And click on the report wrong spot link. We will look to it.

How many spots have you for me ?

For more information you can send us a email :
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